Summer Crafting Part 1

It has been a wet and cold summer. I’ve never seen so many overcast, grey and wet days at this time of year before. Typically the miserable weather would make it ideal to spend more time knitting and crocheting as it was just dreadful to be outside. But somehow I lost my crafting mojo a couple of months ago and struggled to find it back. All I wanted was summer – warm days at the beach, barbecues with loved ones and to spend as little time indoors as possible. Alas, wishful thinking indeed!

I needed to stop mourning for a lost summer. I’m sure like many of you stash diving is a well trusted form of therapy and I dove deep into it. I needed something bright and happy, something that would perk me up and forget what I could have been doing in the sun. To my delight, I found a large ziplock bag full of leftover Eco Organic Cotton from my crocheted blanket and it brought a big smile to my face. Those colours just sang to me and the softness of the cotton begged me to touch them.

I thanked myself for having previously printed a few patterns and tucking them into the bag of yarn. I could get started straightaway! Yay! Within a short couple of days I had crocheted a pair of cheerful potholders. I even made them doubley thick so my paranoid self could use them without fear of being burnt.

Granny Square Potholders
Free pattern available here 

Look at those colours! Don’t they remind you of summer – blooming flowers and sunsets and sunrises and summer salads and cold drinks and all those wonderful things in between?

Granny Square Potholders

But they weren’t enough. The potholders showed off the beautiful range of Eco Organic cotton colours but I wanted something to be touched and caressed. The yarn is heavenly soft and would be perfect against the skin. So I whipped out my knitting needles and spent the next week slowly chipping away at another project.

Do you want to see what I made? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. I’ll show you the finished product next week. 🙂 Until then, take care and hope you enjoy each sunny, warm day to the fullest!


What do you love most?

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Seasons Greetings and Festive Fun and Games

Deck the halls with Yarns of Holly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

‘Tis the season to be crafty

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Don we now our Knit Apparel

Fa la la, la la la, la la la

Make the Xmas Wreath with Vigour

Fa la la la la, la la la la…….


Well, I did get carried away. The Carol night for our school is tomorrow and we have been practising our songs at home with great relish and vigour. Parum pum pum pum…..

This crafty post is really about my tremendous urge to have a YARN covered Xmas wreath for the door.


Collect your materials: wreath (from art and craft shop mine was $9.95)

Make/find some red and green flowers/leaves/bobbles etc. I had some crocheted flowers/bobbles from previous craft sessions.

Locate appropriate chirismassy ribbon: I picked out a wide holly print one (Bought this from art and craft store) with wire edging for the bows and a skinny gold print one for winding around. I also found some other gold ribbon from my stash. Yes, I hoard ribbon too 🙂

Red and Green Yarn : I decided to card my green and red fluffy fibres then spin it chunky/thick and thin. I wound the spun yarn directly from the bobbin onto the wreath. (There are 3 more sets of red/green Christmas batts in the store.)

Sewing needle and thread or Craft Wire I strung the flowers bobbles on the craft wire, twisting the wire behind each one to secure its position, then wound it around the rest of the wreath.

Craft Glue (as required) I didnt need any

Put on some Christmas music on the stereo and sing along LOUDLY while you card/spin/wind/sew/glue bits together. Jingle Bells, jingle belles, jingle all the way….

And TA DA! Here is the Yarn on the Wheel, and the Completed Wreath.





New Items in November

This November we welcome some items that are Brand New or have been difficult to locate.

1) Flax Stricks. this is the traditional form for spinning Flax or Linen. The plants are dew retted in fields then bundled up and processed as a “strick”. Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel had a distaff to hold the bundle of flax fibres for easier spinning.

This is easiest to spin wet. I recommended a bowel of water to dip your fingers in regularly as you spin the Bundle.

Very limited stock. only 10 available. 100gm each


2) Organic Cotton Flamme In our signature Pakucho Cotton colours, with a new spin on softness and texture!
This yarn is available in 1kg cones or 50g balls.


3) Undyed Sock Yarn These are available in 100g skeins for the natural colours, low prices and you can certainly use these as blanks to dye your own colours. We will be introducing Natural Dye experiments in the blog soon, these are perfect for your own fun experiments! 


4) New colours of O-Wool Balance in stock. This yarn is a favourite of many customers and has the properties of both cotton and wool in a fluffy blended yarn. Lightweight and cosy for any season.


5) 20% Off sale on Cotton items in our inventory (except spinning fibre). Watch your email space for a coupon code for further discounts. 


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Posting parcels

There has been talk around the web recently over the increasing cost of sending parcels within Australia and time delays that some people might experience. Here at Ecoyarns we understand the importance of getting your orders to you as soon as possible. We know you just can’t wait to fondle and play with the beautiful yarn and fiber you’ve just bought. So we thought we’d share with you our newly updated shipping policy to clear the air and to offer some reassurance that we take a lot of care with your parcels: 

  • Parcels posted out on Thursday morning because we both have other jobs outside of Ecoyarns
  • Parcels are sent in Express Post or Click & Send satchels. Orders that do not fit in satchels will be sent via Click & Send. These methods of shipping means we can track all our parcels so you do not have to worry about lost parcels
  • “Do not safe drop” stickers are used on all parcels, except when customers state otherwise or its addressed to a PO box
  • $10 flat rate for domestic orders below $149
  • Free postage for domestic orders above $150
  • We do ship internationally. Additional postage costs may be charged after checkout.


We have an extremely high success rate of delivery using Auspost these last few years. However if you have any feedback about the way we send out orders, please share! We welcome any suggestions that could make shipping cheaper and more reliable. Thanks in advance!

P.S. At the moment we are selling silkworm eggs which are sent at a cheaper postage cost of $2.50. These are sent via regular mail and are posted on Fridays or Mondays. Excess postage is refunded after the eggs are posted. 




    Last few days for Linen and Lace Sale

    These are the last few days for the Linen and Lace Sale.

    All linen and lace items are 20% marked down until 31st October. Make the most of this sale!

    The Certified Organic Cotton Laces are durable and soft. I have used these as straps on sleepwear, decorative motifs on clothing and there are a few laces that have edgings one can pick up stitches and knit.


    Here is a progress picture of the top I am making with MerLin yarn

    The name of the pattern is Coral and is by Helga Isager in her Aminomo 2009 Collection. Very pretty top that flatters lots of different figures.






    Organic Cotton Flamme


    Our lastest arrival is Organic Cotton Flamme.

    New to the store and supersoft cotton.

    All naural colours, certified Organic Cotton. No chemical anything.

    Perfect for babies and more!


    I test knitted my swatch with 4mm needles and the fabric seems to be the right drape and density.

    22st to 10cm.

    I shall plan a nice summer top for this yarn.



    Make the most of…….

    What did you do today?

    Thunderstorms forecast for Sydney today. But since we are here, we decided to make the most of it, storms or not.

    We had tickets to see The Gruffalo at the Playhouse in the Sydney Opera House. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, me and the kids. Superb, fun, with lots of audience participation encouraged. Colouring in before and after the show. Gruffalo books, CDs and other items to purchase. Of course!


    Guylain has a chocolaterie at Opera Quays….., we pigged out. The kids ordered fruit with chocolate dip (oh my it’s healthy!) and I was the little piggie and asked for hot chocolate and macarons. I highly recommend the salted caramel. YUMMY 🙂

    We managed to navigate the ferry system to get to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour. Several hours spent with salt water, impressive Lego sculptures and various marine animals later, we wearily get back to the car. Thats when the rain finally started, at 7pm, so we tumbled into a warm and cosy Japanese restaurant to eat….. What else? Fish of course.

    My favourite animal is the Leafy Seadragon. Why does he look like a plant and not an animal?


    The lady at the touch pool asked all the kids what their favourite animal was, one said the sea cucumbers (she was playing with it in the touch pool at the time), the other the dugong and my youngest, turned around and pointed at me! Haha, well she is seriously cute, but I was not going to be staying at the Aquarium past closing time.

    Here is Merlin Himself. Well, ok, he is actually Poseidon or Neptune or Triton, but I had to improvise to introduce the yarn I am using, which also happens to be on sale this month.


    I am knitting with MerLin yarn. This is a collar for a top in the Natural colour. Started this morning on the bus to the ferry and that picture shows my progress at 2pm this afternoon.


    More tomorrow about the silkworm exploits and the hunt for mulberry trees.




    New Newsletter format

    We have set up a new Newsletter format and upgraded our previously very BORING newsletters.



    Now we have Pictures!



    The update on stock, new items and discount coupons still remain. And just to send you a teaser, our new campaign starts Monday 3rd October.

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    Angel Touch Baby Alpaca yarn Naturally dyed

    This is Naturally Dyed Baby Alpaca. Uses our Angel Touch as a base yarn.

    Angel Touch is one of my favourites and has been a staple yarn in our store since the beginning. It comes in 8 Natural colours and some Limited Edition Naturally Dyed colours.

    It is from Baby Alpaca fiber (under 22 microns) and is soft enough for baby items.


    There is a free cowl pattern in the Pages of YARN magazine, or email us in Contact Us form to receive a copy via email.


    Our Natural Dyeing process involves our rainwater tank, locally collected plants and occasional mailorder natural dyestuff. Lovingly coaxed over a gasfire with the help of my 3 kids who love to see the colours emerge.