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We first heard of a neat event at the local university through ABC News and it was filled with just the right amount of warm fuzzy feeling that Ecoyarns had to jump on board. Australian National University (ANU) had called upon its staff and students to knit scarves for its newest students who will begin their university life in one of the coldest campuses in Australia at the moment. Over the last couple of months, knitters and crocheters throughout the campus had picked up their needles and hooks, some for the very first time, and worked tirelessly to make over 110 scarves! The Canberra community rallied around this unique initiative through yarn donation, including some of our Ecoyarns yarn. Some generously contributed their time to teach their craft to those eager to learn to make a scarf for a fellow student.

More than 110 scarves have been completed so far for Monday's event
More than 110 scarves were made for Monday’s event

The scarves will be on display at the Orientation Week Wellbeing Mini-Market Day this coming Monday and new students are encouraged to pick a scarf for themselves. Each scarf comes with a handwritten note from the maker to its new owner, with care instructions and a little personal welcome to ANU. How good is that for building new friendships?

Photo courtesy of ANU
Handwritten note to go with each scarf. Photo courtesy of ANU

As you can already imagine The Knit for New Students Initiative is not just about keeping these newbies warm. It is much, much more than that and that is why we chose this ANU project to be our first sponsorship.

Knitting and crocheting is not just a personal hobby. Normally it keeps us and our loved ones warm, and our homes looking groovy. Then a little event comes along and our sense of camaraderie kicks in and we knit for strangers, be it to wear or just for public viewing and appreciation (think yarn bombing). We sit around with friends and people we hardly know, physically or virtually, and our hands keep making while we chat and form new friendships. Our often mundane lives suddenly get a little pick me up and the warm fuzzy feeling puts a smile on our dial for most of the next day. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s good for our mental health and it’s food for our soul. Our lives are enriched because we care enough to spend the time to create for strangers.

A student common room transforms into a knitting hub. You can almost hear the clicking of the needles.
A student common room transforms into a knitting hub. You can almost hear the clinking of the busy needles.
Meeting up every week to knit together. Photo courtesy of ANU.
Meeting up every week to knit together. Photo courtesy of ANU

So thank you to all those who knitted and crocheted in earnest to create these scarves. We hope you enjoyed our yarn contribution and we will see you on Monday.

Ecoyarns will be posting photos of the event live through our Instagram. Follow along if you’re interested.

Have a warm, snuggly weekend. We’re praying for our first snow on Sunday! Fingers crossed.

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  1. Great idea in action with woolly scarves for frozen newcomers! I am re-blogging this, OK? The universities in Adelaide ought to be doing a similar craft marathon for their own Semester 2 intake as it’s been ferociously cold here this winter.

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