September Spring and all the growing things

My garden is growing, it must be spring.

None of the carrot seeds came up but all the broad beans started to shoot. The peas are getting some help from the native bees and the slugs and snails are determined to stop me from growing zucchinis and cucumbers. We shall try again and put in more plants to the veggie patch. This year will be the second year for me to try planting some cotton, I just need to control those pests that eat the seedlings!!

IMG_1408 The yellow flowers are from the baby buk choy and the grass like greens in the right of the photo are leeks. I think the snails and slugs do not like these plants.

Back to knitting…….

I have a bad case of startitis.

You know, that feeling that you need to start something new…….. even though you made a promise to yourself that you would finish those 3 projects before starting another one? The feeling that almost makes you feel hungry at 11pm at night and you want to wind up a new skein of super luscious hand dyed yarn goodness, but the family has gone to bed and you cannot use the ball winder because it squeaks?

Yup, I see it, you know that feeling too. I have had it all week.

I finally succumbed and wound up a new skein of super soft hand dyed yarn that has been in my stash for over 2 years. Oh it finally is becoming SOMETHING.

I picked a shawlette pattern. This one actually : Prairie by Janel Laidman.

I really really hope it will keep my attention until the my next bout of startitis.

Or maybe I should go clean the linen cupboard instead?


I finished a pair of socks last week : they are really simple and YUP thats my hand spun yarn. My deliciously warm toes are very happy.

Thanks to my completed socks, I am inspired to offer a special on Spinning Fibres. All customers who checkout with over $25.00 worth of spinning fibre, will receive an Organic Cotton tote bag worth $12.00. This deal is on from 20th September to 5th October.

THIS LINK takes you to the spinning fibres page.

And last, but not least, here is another picture of a beautiful Newcastle sunset.