EcoOrganic Cotton and Angel Touch Alpaca


I started this as a sampler project.

You know, to check gauge for the yarn combination and tried various stitches and test needles sizes and so on.

I started with one cotton colour (there are 40 colours!) and one alpaca colour( there are 7 colours), first I swapped the cotton colours around first, then changed the alpaca colours as well.

Eventually, the scarf ended up about 2.5m long and very rainbow!!! I do love it so.

My oldest is modelling it here, but she will have to fight me so she can wear it!

No pattern provided, but brief general instructions given below: 

Using 6 to 8 mm needles ( or size desired to achieve effect). I wanted a drapey fabric and the smaller needles gave me a much firmer fabric.

This is a good oppurtunity to see the changing effects of changing needle sizes.

Cast on 30 stitches loosely holding one strand of EcoOrganic Cotton and one strand of Angel Touch Baby Alpaca together.

Change colours (either cotton or alpaca) every 20 or 40 rows. Use garter stitch edges and any stitch pattern you desire. I used stocking stitch, moss stitch, double moss stitch, ribbing, garter stitch.

Knit to desired length ( ours was 2.5m) and cast off loosely. Weave in all ends.

Block if desired.