Yarn Bombing as Art

What a glorious weekend it was! The sun was out and it was a balmy 20 degrees on Saturday. It was a perfect morning for a little visit to the Gosford City Markets. The markets are held every second Saturday of the month in Kibble Park from 8 am to 1 pm. Last Saturday they had a Christmas in July theme and there were performances held on stage the whole morning. 

As I meandered my way past the fresh bread stall to the fresh produce stalls, my husband pointed out that the bins were covered in crochet. I was rather puzzled but didn’t take much notice of it. My stomach was rumbling and I wanted food! Haha… So we bought a pie and fresh popcorn and nibbled at them while browsing the stalls selling lovely handmade bags and soft toys.

We were walking along and to my surprise, we saw this right near the stage. Yarn bombers!

Putting the heart in Gosford

A group of local ladies, lead by the Bowerbird Project in Gosford, were setting up an art display.

Putting the heart in Gosford

The display is called “Putting the heart in Gosford” and it involved dressing up the deciduous trees in Gosford’s City Centre with yarn.

Putting the heart in Gosford

It looked to me that the ladies had quite a bit of support from their family and friends too. Good on you fellas and littlies!

Putting the heart in Gosford

The artwork was not limited to the trees. Besides the bins being topped by crochet work, the mini bridge got a pretty dressing too.

Putting the heart in Gosford

And even the rocks were not spared! So much colour and texture packed into a small park.

Putting the heart in Gosford

It was really exciting to see yarn bombing being brought to life on the Central Coast. We are not the big city like Sydney but the passion for knitting and crocheting is well and truly alive here. Big thumbs up to all those involved. Thanks for making Gosford a less dreary place to visit.


Teapot Cosies and a Quick Catchup

Hello again! How have you been? I’m well and plodding along with my big belly, feeling more and more like an ogre than a woman at times.

I’m also rather forgetful. It’s taken me a month to remember that I wanted to share the Teapot Cozy Exhibition with you. Oops!

2012-06-09 Fishermans Wharf

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Woy Woy. It’s early June and the weather is starting to feel real cold at times. We went for coffee with my in-laws and had a nice stroll along the waterfront after that.

2012-06-09 Fishermans Wharf 2

The trees were stunning at this time of year. I love the crimson oranges and reds in the leaves against the bluest of blue skies. There were lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine. No one seemed to mind the cold when the sun is out like this.

We walked around the corner towards the Country Women’s Association building and realised that the yearly Tea Cozy Exhibition was on! They even had tables and chairs out on the lawn where you can have yourself a nice Devonshire Tea. Too bad we had already eaten. But naturally we had to have a stickybeak at the tea cosies.

There were two main categories you could enter your tea cosies into – Children’s Stories and General Section. I especially like the entries into the Children’s Stories.

Tea Cozy Exhibition 2012 - Owl

Tea Cozy Exhibition 2012 - Tea with Grug

Aren’t they just the cutest? Such creative handiwork! I love the Grug!

Tea Cozy Exhibition 2012 - Winners

And the picture above is the winners’ table. I personally would have picked some other cosies to win. But there were many good entries so judging must have been quite hard.

Looking at the pictures now make me feel like having a pot of tea. Hehe… But I’ll control myself (for now) and just talk to you a wee bit longer.

I have been knitting and crocheting a little. But my arm and shoulder gets really sore pretty quick nowadays. I’ve been told that pregnancy may cause carpal tunnel so I’ve been careful not to overdo things. This, however, means that progress on my projects are moving at a snail’s pace.

I started this baby kicking/sleeping bag for Yasmin in late May and I’m only halfway done. 🙁

Kicking Bag WIP

Do you recognise the yarn? It’s the sock yarn that Vivian jelly dyed for me. Pretty isn’t it? If you missed Vivian’s tutorial, you can check it out HERE. It’s so cool how you can dye yarn using ordinary jelly crystals and the microwave.

Anyway, fingers and toes crossed that I get the sleeping bag finished before my munchkin is born. It’s less than 5 weeks away! Boy, oh boy, time flies when you’re having fun.

Keep those hands busy and stay warm everyone. Chat again soon. Ta taaa!