Make the most of…….

What did you do today?

Thunderstorms forecast for Sydney today. But since we are here, we decided to make the most of it, storms or not.

We had tickets to see The Gruffalo at the Playhouse in the Sydney Opera House. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, me and the kids. Superb, fun, with lots of audience participation encouraged. Colouring in before and after the show. Gruffalo books, CDs and other items to purchase. Of course!


Guylain has a chocolaterie at Opera Quays….., we pigged out. The kids ordered fruit with chocolate dip (oh my it’s healthy!) and I was the little piggie and asked for hot chocolate and macarons. I highly recommend the salted caramel. YUMMY 🙂

We managed to navigate the ferry system to get to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour. Several hours spent with salt water, impressive Lego sculptures and various marine animals later, we wearily get back to the car. Thats when the rain finally started, at 7pm, so we tumbled into a warm and cosy Japanese restaurant to eat….. What else? Fish of course.

My favourite animal is the Leafy Seadragon. Why does he look like a plant and not an animal?


The lady at the touch pool asked all the kids what their favourite animal was, one said the sea cucumbers (she was playing with it in the touch pool at the time), the other the dugong and my youngest, turned around and pointed at me! Haha, well she is seriously cute, but I was not going to be staying at the Aquarium past closing time.

Here is Merlin Himself. Well, ok, he is actually Poseidon or Neptune or Triton, but I had to improvise to introduce the yarn I am using, which also happens to be on sale this month.


I am knitting with MerLin yarn. This is a collar for a top in the Natural colour. Started this morning on the bus to the ferry and that picture shows my progress at 2pm this afternoon.


More tomorrow about the silkworm exploits and the hunt for mulberry trees.




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